Grape Close-up, size 600x600

Wine Talks

Mr. FrenchOak, our wine connoisseur is here to share his wine passion with you with an easy to understand words ... no jargons, no bullshits!


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Farm Life

Once a business man, now a farmer of choice. Uncle Bear dedicates himself to modernize his homeland's farm with bio-technologies, cloud computing, robotics and other cutting edge technologies.

Join his morning walk into his farmland, and watch out for cow dungs! 

Village Farm Restaurant, International Cuisine, Spaghetti

Food Focus

Dive into a world full of food with through different lenses of various food technologist, chefs, and foodies.

Be prepared to bring out your apron and roll up your sleeves, as we will take you right through our kitchen, and go up the stream to meet our local ingredients suppliers.


Village Farm Health Retreat, Meditation Retreat

Health Journey

In today's busy world, time is precious, and we often loose focus of health and well being.

Let Mr. Fructose, our specialists bring to your attention the leading discoveries in anti-aging and alternative medicine, combined with exercise and meditation... a truly wholistic journey of health through nature and peace.

Energy Renew

Wouldn't it be great to be able to farm and grow energy?   

Yes! With today's technology, you can actually grow energy.  There are many types of crops that can be turned into fuel for bio-mass power plants.

Mr. Sunshine, an energy expert will introduce you to renewable energy technologies and stop global warming.